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 Lost Empire First Wave: The Soulless Attack

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PostSubject: Lost Empire First Wave: The Soulless Attack   Tue Sep 08, 2009 9:13 pm

SamHok stared at the ominous cloud gathering at a distance. He shook his head, “Not good. Not good”. He flew down and looked up to the skies.

“The gate has opened. Soulless attacks are becoming more frequent.”

SamHok turned and saw Shiro. “I know. Soon they might even reach the cities! I have to warn General Xia Feng”

Meanwhile in Dragon City, hurried footsteps can be heard echoing off the floor. The soldier looked frightened and that is not common for a city soldier.

“General! I heard from the townspeople the Emissary of Time and Space opened the portal to the past! Soulless from the past are reaching out through the portal. I fear for our cities.”

“So this is what Immortal SamHok warned me about.” General Xia Feng shouted, “Gather all our troops and defend the cities! We cannot and we WILL NOT let them reach our gates”

• All Perfect World Players

Event Dates:
• Sept 8-10, 2009 6-11 pm


* Soulless will attack in all main cities starting at 6 pm.
* Defend the cities at all cost.
* Monsters to be summoned:

* Tree
* Behemoth
* King of purgatory
* Peach tree godess
* Emperor of Dusk
* Ancient Annihilator
* Entropic Host of Dreamland
* Iron Herald King

Event Rules:
* The GM team will not be responsible for EXP or item lost due to death either by monster or PK.
* Violators of the Mandate of Heaven will not be tolerated.

Prizes: Monster drops

Phil. Perfect World Board
- Yoshida

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Goddess Maharet
Goddess Maharet

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PostSubject: Re: Lost Empire First Wave: The Soulless Attack   Wed Sep 09, 2009 3:24 am

AA tapos Entropic Host tapos Peach Tree? May mabuhay?

I love you. That's all there is to it.

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Lost Empire First Wave: The Soulless Attack
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