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 Desolation Of Shiro, Be rewarded with a Cumulus, Nightfall or Cosmos.

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PostSubject: Desolation Of Shiro, Be rewarded with a Cumulus, Nightfall or Cosmos.   Sat Oct 10, 2009 3:39 pm

Desolation of Shiro
Territorial War Series - The War of the Jade Empire and the Clan Alliance.

As the terrible war against the Soulless continues…
The proud defenders of Pangu fight to secure a lasting peace.
But there can be no peace
--when a Divinity himself is devoured by rage.

All Perfect World Heroes.

* Tiger Realm - October 13, 2009 - Tuesday: 6:00pm
* Dragon Realm - October 14, 2009 - Wednesday: 6:00pm
* Serpent Realm - October 15, 2009 - Thursday: 6:00pm

Mechanics: (choices)

* Escort Shiro to Dragon City Elder
- Rally a party of 5 Heroes to Dream Port and turn on PK mode.
- Meet Shiro in one of the ship in Dream Port for him to join your Party.
- Escort Shiro to the Dragon City Elder to complete the task. (Shiro will walk or run ONLY)
- SURVIVE as you escort Shiro to Dragon City. The Jade Empire is spying on Shiro's movements.
- The PARTY (5 members) to complete the task will WIN PRIZES.

* Don't let Shiro reach the Elder of Dragon City
- Kill Shiro to disable him on reaching the Elder.
- Heroes who are able to kill Shiro will be REWARDED by the Jade Empire.

* Kill the Jade Empire Divinity - SteelWing
- Kill SteelWing before he kills Shiro.
- Heroes who are able to kill SteelWing will be REWARDED by the Clan Alliance.


1. Shiro will ONLY party up with your team if ALL MEMBERS are in PK MODE.
2. Shiro will try to kill every Hero not belonging to the PARTY.
3. Flights and Mounts are not allowed if you are in the party of Shiro.
4. All members of the party should be VISIBLE to the Screen of Shiro and maintain a close proximity to him.
5. Shiro will be on "FOLLOW MODE" to the party leader.
6. When the leader of the party is killed, Shiro will LEAVE the party and will stay in his current position. YOU CAN INVITE HIM to your party after he leaves the previous party.
7. If Shiro dies because of PK, his soul will return to the ship in Dream Port and he will ONLY respawn in Dream Port.
8. Other teams will have the CHANCE TO ESCORT SHIRO to the Dragon City Elder after he respawns or when he left the party escorting him.
9. Shiro and SteelWing can only respawn up to 3 times.
10. The event will end when Shiro cannot respawn anymore or when he meets the Dragon City Elder.


5 party members if successful on Escorting Shiro to Dragon City Elder:

* 1 piece level 10 Amber soulstone each
* 3k fame
* Cosmos

(3) Killers of Shiro:

* 1 piece level 10 Crimson soulstone each
* 3k fame
* Nightfall

(3) Killers of SteelWing:

* 1 piece level 10 Mist or Keen soulstone each
* 3k fame
* Cumulus

All Divinities can be killed when more than 10 Heroes are attacking them.

Prizes will be awarded right after the event.


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Desolation Of Shiro, Be rewarded with a Cumulus, Nightfall or Cosmos.
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