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 Thinking Aloud

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PostSubject: Thinking Aloud   Thinking Aloud EmptyThu May 22, 2008 12:48 am

Things happen because they are bound to happen. There is a fine line between "coincidence" and "fate".

It's only our actions that determine which "coincidence" will become our "fate".


We stand at both ends of a room. Let's say that's the "situation" that will lead to our "fate"

In the middle of the room, there are piles of boxes and fragile stuff.

i'm holding a ball, and the only way to give you the ball is to throw it to you.

That's when your "fate" is determined. There is only one throw the ball.

Whatever you do, i will be throwing the ball. Once i throw the ball, there's no way you can stop it from going at you.

You will catch it, or you will dodge it. Either way, the ball will still come straight at you.

Wala lang. Gumana lang ka-weirdohan ko. o16 o16 o16

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PostSubject: Re: Thinking Aloud   Thinking Aloud EmptyThu May 22, 2008 5:30 am

I agree. Life is pre determined. That is why I don't believe in the word


and the word


"Decision" might come in to the picture. You can choose to throw or not to throw the ball. Even if that ball contains life saving stuffs inside it.

Decision, is not a freewill. The ball already exists and you are bound with options.Hence, Absolute freedom do not exist since you have to choose whether or not throw the ball. You may be allowed to choose, however, the options/choices are already there.

You may or may not catch that ball. Another example. Choices are present.

BuT there's another thing I believe...

That past present and future are completely separated from each other.

The Feoghel I spoke to last night will never be the Feoghel I'll be talking to tomorrow. This phrase can be viewed literally as well. This feoghel could be 24years , 6months , 3days, 3hours, 2minutes older than the feo i was talking to yesterday. We might have memories but memories do not lie in the past.

They lie in the present. That's why you remembered.

Sakin lang, future might be pre determined. But if we know what will happen tomorrow, Time compression will exist. Its gonna be a total disaster.

feo, sorry. sinimulan mo eh.
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Thinking Aloud
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