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‎============VERY VERY IMPORTANT!!!============= OCTOBER 10 CLAN REVAMP All Sanctius Members from Captains to Members will be temporarily removed from Sanctius. All members will receive a mail invitation from either Gem, Maqi, Fame, and leighNash. ONLY PM THESE INDIVIDUALS should you wish to be reinvited in the clan. Note to Recruitment Personnel: Only recruit members with FB accounts. This is mandatory. Please make a list of IGN, NAME, and FB link per recruit. Thanks.

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 Broken Hearted Confession Band - Fhev

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PostSubject: Broken Hearted Confession Band - Fhev   Sun Dec 14, 2008 4:49 pm

guys etong music video na 2 ay dpt naming
icocover na kanta sa battle of the band sa school,,
kaso ayw ng mga teacher ipakanta,,
dpt daw ay ung kilala lng daw na band now,, syng TALO kami!!!! huhuhu