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‎============VERY VERY IMPORTANT!!!============= OCTOBER 10 CLAN REVAMP All Sanctius Members from Captains to Members will be temporarily removed from Sanctius. All members will receive a mail invitation from either Gem, Maqi, Fame, and leighNash. ONLY PM THESE INDIVIDUALS should you wish to be reinvited in the clan. Note to Recruitment Personnel: Only recruit members with FB accounts. This is mandatory. Please make a list of IGN, NAME, and FB link per recruit. Thanks.

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 LifeLine - Kjwan

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PostSubject: LifeLine - Kjwan   Sun Mar 01, 2009 11:59 am

Lifeline - Kjwan

Verse 1:

Hardly ever noticed
I'm lost in love again
But you could always see me, read me

Try to find an answer
waiting for a sign
while you've been standing there


Close your eyes
Hold tight
Things are gonna be alright
Let it go
Let it flow
When you walk then you will know
Youll always have His truth
Its right inside of you
Break out.

Verse 2:

Smashed against the pavement
Plastered on the walls
Hoping that you would find me,
and save me again

Try to grab a lifeline
Waiting for your call
While you were always there

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LifeLine - Kjwan
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