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Rest in Peace kayuzavee

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The Master

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PostSubject: THANKSGIVING TO OUR MOTHER   Thu Aug 27, 2009 3:25 pm

to Kazz:
this one (i don't know what do i call this one - a poem, a thought, or whatever) i composed this one and posted it on bulletin boards on friendster a week after the burial of my mother...i just want to share this to you....because for me..this is a son's prayer...


for being a stupid son..
for making decisions to myself alone and not consulting on your suggestions..
for giving u stress and loves us back in return..
for not obeying some of your rules..
for being selfish for such a long period of time..
for thinking only my happiness not knowing yours..
and for all of the wrong things that i've done, i've said, and think of you...
i'm sorry...forgive me...i'm just a son..not a perfect one..

for being there in times of trouble, needs, hunger, loneliness, doubt, jealous, hatred, misery, despair, and in everything...thanks for being there..
for your unconditional love, thank you!
for your very long patience, thank you!
for giving us shelter and as a light of our home, thank you!
thank you for the twenty six years of taking care of me...
thank you for the laughter's and the tears..
thank you for supporting us in more than 30 or 40 years of your life..
thank you for creeping to help me finish my studying and helped me to get where i am now...thanks to you...

in my life..although i've met and i will still meet different and many people..i one could ever do what you've done to me, to us, your will still..and always be our Mother..
we love you..and we'll surely miss your voice, your physical presence, but in our heart and soul, you are alive..
you are now safe in Gods grace..
you've done the best, so we will take charge of the rest..
May You Rest With God, Mother..

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PostSubject: Re: THANKSGIVING TO OUR MOTHER   Wed Feb 02, 2011 12:40 pm

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