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PostSubject: Just a Poem   Just a Poem EmptyFri Aug 28, 2009 12:21 pm

“For You My Truest Friend”

I am happy You are who You are
I am happy You are what You are
I am happy just because You are!

Just to have met You,
Just to have experienced Your presence

Has made me richer, fuller
More truly who I am meant to be!

I am happy to have discovered You
You do not need to give me anything
for in loving You I have discovered my Self!

I love You not because I need You.
I need You because I Love You.

I Love You not
for what You can give me
I Love You for what I can give You.

This is what I mean when I say
I choose You as my Beloved.
I choose You as my Friend!
Because I have shared my Love with You,
I have received Love from You,
And therefore, I can now give my Self
in loving service to mankind!

Because I have discovered You my Friend,
I have experienced a new Life shining in me,

I have experienced a new Power surging
through my being.

I have experienced a new Inspiration!

I know what it means to have climbed
to the mountaintop of life
because I have discovered You!
And therefore, I can now
go back to the world
and share my new-found Life,
and share my new-found Power,
and share my new-found Joy.

I shall now be ready
to go to the ends of the earth
to tell as many people the good news,



***Sanctius, My Sanctuary***

***Long Live Sanctius***
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Just a Poem
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