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 Sweet Perfection : Item Mall Sale!

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Sweet Perfection : Item Mall Sale! Empty
PostSubject: Sweet Perfection : Item Mall Sale!   Sweet Perfection : Item Mall Sale! EmptyFri Sep 04, 2009 9:02 pm

Eligibility: All Heroes, Merchants and Explorers of the Perfect World!
Event Schedule: September 4 (6pm)-7 (11:59pm), 2009
Time: Whole day


Buy 2 packs Wedding Candy (50) from the Item Mall and get 1 pc. Level 7 Dragon Ball for FREE!
For every two packs of Wedding Candy (50) you buy from the Item Mall, you will receive a Level 7 Dragon Ball.
There's no limit on how many 2 packs of Wedding Candy (50) you may buy.

Event Rules:

Only players who bought 2 packs of Wedding Candy (50) from the item mall will receive their corresponding Level 7 Dragon Ball rewards.
Buying 100 pcs of Candy individually from the Item Mall won't count. You have to buy 2 packs of Wedding Candy (50) with the total of 100 Candies.
Prize will be given to those who bought from the Item Mall (not from a player vendor).

Awarding of Prizes:

Prizes will be given on September 8-10, 2009 to be awarded by GM Shiro

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Sweet Perfection : Item Mall Sale!
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