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 Perfect Partner Db Sale

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PostSubject: Perfect Partner Db Sale   Perfect Partner Db Sale EmptyWed Aug 26, 2009 2:27 pm

Perfect Partner Db Sale!
Buy 1 Dragon Ball Lv 5 from the Item Mall
Get 1 DB Lv 6 for free!

The quest to become one of the greatest heroes of the land is indeed an arduous task. In spite of this, many of the adventurers of the land are still undaunted knowing that no amount of adversity can hinder their journey to greatness.

Unfortunately, this task has also taken its toll on our brave heroes. Their supplies have dwindled and their tools for battle are becoming dull.

Will we never see the luster of our swords?

Have our arrows lost the sharpness of their edges?

Do we let our wands deteriorate until no magic can be casted from them?

Worry not Heroes. The time to toughen up those arsenals is once again here. It’s time to gear up because another wave of exciting sale will hit the lands of Pangu.

Eligibility: All Heroes, Merchants and Explorers of the Perfect World!
Event Schedule: Aug 26-Aug 31, 2009
Time: Whole day

• Buy 1 pc. Level 5 Dragon Ball from the Item Mall and get 1 pc. Level 6 Dragon Ball for FREE!
• For every one Level 5 Dragon Ball you buy from the Item Mall, you will receive a Level 6 Dragon Ball.
• There's no limit on how many Level 5 Dragon Balls you may buy.

Event Rules:
• Only players who bought Level 5 Dragon balls from the item mall will receive their corresponding Level 6 Dragon Ball rewards.
• Upgrading low level Dragon balls to reach a Level 5 Dragon ball doesn't count.
• Prize will be given to those who bought from the Item Mall (not from a player vendor).

Awarding of Prizes:

Prizes will be given on the following dates:
• For those who bought the DB 5 on August 26: August 27 (evening)
• August 27: August 28 (evening)
• August 28-29: September 1 (evening)
• August 30-31: September 2 (evening)

* To access the in-game Item Mall, to view and/or purchase these items, use the keyboard command "Alt-O"


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- Yoshida

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Perfect Partner Db Sale
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